About Pimp Daddy

Name:  Pimp Daddy

Age:  40

Gender:  Male

Status:  Married

Zodiac Sign:  Libra

Occupation:  Network Administrator

Fav Wines:  1992 Ridge Lytton Estate, 1989 Château Lynch-Bages

Fav Music:  Blues

Fav Bands/Musicians:  Rush, Blues Traveler, Pet Shop Boys

Fav Authors:  George P. Sutton, Terry McCreary

Fav Books:  Rocket Propulsion Elements, Experimental Composite Propellant

Fav Directors:  NA

Fav Films:  Clerks, Chasing Amy (ya gotta belive you can turn a lez with one good hard dicking)

Hair color:  Brown

Eye color:  Blue

Likes:  I am a foodie and as such love all things food.  Mostly South East Asia food.

Dislikes:  Films by George Lucas

Greatest Fear:  That someone will really believe that the Pet Shop Boys is one of my Fav bands.

Wildest Dream:  Reach space with an amature rocket.  (not orbit just 50 miles MSL)

Motto:  carpe vinum

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